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Programmes Code

Doctor of Philosophy ( Research )

PFA          Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering
PEE Doctor of Philosophy in Eletrical Engineering
PDM Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering
PBV Doctor of Philosophy in Technical and Vocational Education
PPF Doctor of Philosophy in Real Estate and Facilities Management
PPP Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Management
PIT Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology
PWZ Doctor of Philosophy in Sciences
PBP Doctor of Philosophy in Education
PNT Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering Technology

Master by Research

KFA         Master of Civil Engineering
KEE Master of Electrical Engineering
KDM Master of Mechanical Engineering
KBV Master of Technical and Vocational Education
KPF Master of Science in Real Estate and Facilities Management
KPP Master of Science in Technology Management
KIT Master of Information Technology
KNT Master of Engineering Technology
KWZ Master of Science

Master by Coursework

MFA        Master of Civil Engineering 
MEE Master of Electrical Engineering
MDM Master of Mechanical Engineering
MBV Master of Technical and Vocational Education
MBC Master of Technical Education ( Civil Engineering )
MBE Master of Technical Education ( Electrical Engineering )
MBM Master of Technical Education ( Mechanical Engineering ) 
MBT Master of Technical Education ( Instructional Design and Technology ) 
MPC Master of Science in Construction Technology Management
MWA Master of Science in ( Applied Mathematics )
MWQ Master of Science in ( Industrial Statistics )

Master by Mixed-Mode

CII         Master of Computer Science ( Information Security )
CIE Master of Computer Science ( Software Engineering )
CIW Master of Computer Science ( Web Technology )
CIS Master of Computer Science ( Soft Computing )
Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering
CDB Master of Science in Material Engineering

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