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Programmes Code

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* MQA01 (Not listed in MQR yet.)

Doctor of Philosophy ( Research )

Programme Code Detail
MQA Code

PFA          Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering MQA/FA5872
PEE Doctor of Philosophy in Eletrical Engineering MQA/FA5860
PDM Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering MQA/FA5863
PBV Doctor of Philosophy in Technical and Vocational Education MQA/FA5857
PPF Doctor of Philosophy in Real Estate and Facilities Management MQA/FA5868
PPP Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Management MQA/FA5869
PIT Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology MQA/FA5865
PWZ Doctor of Philosophy in Sciences MQA/FA0080
PBP Doctor of Philosophy in Education MQA/PA1539 *
PNT Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering Technology MQA/FA3734

Master by Research

Programme Code Detail MQA Code
KFA         Master of Civil Engineering MQA/FA5871
KEE Master of Electrical Engineering MQA/FA5859
KDM Master of Mechanical Engineering MQA/FA5862
KBV Master of Technical and Vocational Education MQA/FA5856
KPF Master of Science in Real Estate and Facilities Management MQA/FA5866
KPP Master of Science in Technology Management MQA/FA5867
KIT Master of Information Technology MQA/FA5864
KNT Master of Engineering Technology MQA/FA3733
KWZ Master of Science MQA/FA0084

Master by Coursework

Programme Code Detail MQA Code
MFA        Master of Civil Engineering  MQA/FA5870
MEE Master of Electrical Engineering MQA/FA5858
MDM Master of Mechanical Engineering MQA/FA5861
MBV Master of Technical and Vocational Education MQA/FA5855
MBC Master of Technical Education ( Civil Engineering ) MQA/FA5852
MBE Master of Technical Education ( Electrical Engineering ) MQA/FA5851
MBM Master of Technical Education ( Mechanical Engineering )  MQA/FA5853
MBT Master of Technical Education ( Instructional Design and Technology )  MQA/FA5854
MPC Master of Science in  Construction Technology Management MQA/FA0087
MWA Master of Science ( Applied Mathematics ) MQA/FA1349
MWQ Master of Science ( Industrial Statistics ) MQA/FA1350
MPA Master of Business Administration MQA/FA10711

Master by Mixed-Mode

Programme Code Detail MQA Code
CII         Master of Computer Science ( Information Security ) MQA/FA0832
CIE Master of Computer Science ( Software Engineering ) MQA/FA0830
CIW Master of Computer Science ( Web Technology ) MQA/FA0831
CIS Master of Computer Science ( Soft Computing ) MQA/FA0829
Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering
CDB Master of Science in Materials Engineering MQA/FA3025
CNR Master of Science In Railway Engineering MQA/FA1538
Master of Science (Biodiversity Conservation) MQA/PA3485
Master of Science (Material Chemistry) MQA/PA3691

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