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Dean Speech

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Prof. Dr. Ismail Bin Abdul Rahman
Dean Centre for Graduate Studies
Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia


Welcome to Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia

First of all, on behalf of the University, I would like to extend our warmest welcome to the new graduate students of UTHM, Johor. With your formal registration as a graduate student at our Centre for Graduate Studies, your journey in the quest for higher knowledge and skills shall begin.

As mature students, you will be expected to perform the duties of a responsible scholar under the tutelage of the University’s well-trained academic staff, with the support of our helpful technical and administrative staff. While we strive to provide you with the best supervision, guidance and support, you need to engage yourself in the academic pursuit with rigour, passion and determination, for success is only reaped by those who diligently sow their seeds and nurture their work.

Students ought to be reminded that graduate studies are essentially a step higher than undergraduate education, with certain standards and qualifications to be attained before the degree of master’s or doctor of philosophy can be awarded. A qualified graduate should be able to demonstrate mastery of knowledge, to synthesize and contribute to the existing body of knowledge. Practical skills gained in the study should be applicable in the respective fields with creativity and innovation. Awareness of societal needs and leadership among peers as well as the community in general in formulating effective solutions to problems in various disciplines are within the expectations of a UTHM master’s or PhD holder. In addition, the scholar’s spirit should never leave the student upon graduation, driving him or her to acquire knowledge with a lifelong learning approach, even when they are no longer under the watchful eyes of a supervisor.

As you can see, we are not a production plant of human capital. We are an honourable institution of higher learning providing technical, social, management and fundamental scientific knowledge, skills and knowhow training to groom worthy scholars into future leaders. Our graduates shall be competent in not only their respective areas of expertise alone, but always carrying themselves with a keen conscience for the welfare of society at large, irreproachable in conduct and exemplary in more ways than one. In short, we develop your strengths and nurture your potential, but we shall not neglect the enhancement of your sense of duty and humanity, to make you a laudable scholar and more importantly, an estimable human being.

This is what we envisage in our graduates: for you to realize your dreams of donning a graduation robe and mortar board, and being conferred the hard earned graduation scroll with the best we can provide for you. In the quaint and delightful setting of the traditional village-town of Parit Raja (aptly translates as ‘Royal Canal’), far from the madding crowd and din of a city, yet does not lack any amenities and facilities required by a student, UTHM serves as a most conducive learning institution… You have chosen well indeed!

Lastly, I hope you will have an enjoyable and enlightening journey with your graduate study with us. As Confucius rightly said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” So let the journey begin… Good luck, and all the best.

Thank you.

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